Happy Geek Pride Day

Published 5/25/2011 by Admin
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REVIEW: Lunch at Kaya

Published 10/12/2009 by Admin in Restaurant reviews
Lunch at Kaya in the Strip District [More]

ARTICLE: Managing geeks

Published 9/14/2009 by Admin
I came across an interesting Computerworld article by Jeff Ello about managing geeks today. I definitely chuckled at some of his comments and could relate to many of the issues that he raised. I thought that his comment that every IT pro on the planet idolizes Dr. House (without the addictions) was especially funny! [More]

System.NotSupportedException when passing table as parameter to SQL Server 2008 stored procedure. [More]

REVIEW: Supreme Courtship

Published 9/1/2009 by Admin in Book reviews
Book review of Supreme Courtship, Christopher Buckley's hilarious new novel about Judge Pepper Cartwright, a judge on a highly rated reality TV show, and her nomination to the Supreme Court. [More]

Review of Rivas Nicarguan Restaurant on South Side. [More]

Pittsburgh's Kennywood Park announced a new roller coaster today! The LSM-launched coaster will replace the venerable Turnpike ride. The coaster will use LSM technology to launch the trains at 50mph into a vertical hill and drop and will be the park's first coaster with inversions since the Steel Phantom was resurrected as Phantom's Revenge. The park plans to have the as-yet-unnamed coaster ready for the beginning of the 2010 season. [More]

Pittsburgh's new casino opened yesterday, so I thought I would check it out this afternoon before meeting some friends for dinner downtown. Rivers is a beautiful, relaxed facility with the friendliest staff I have even seen at any casino! And the view of the Ohio River and downtown Pittsburgh is simply breathtaking. [More]

Review of the movie Adventureland, which was was filmed in Pittsburgh and features Kennywood. [More]